Pentateuch Resources

Interpreting the Pentateuch Resources

PentateuchBibliographyWord PDF
PentateuchAll Lessons - Complete TranscriptWord PDF
1Genesis 1Creation, part 1Word PDF
2Genesis 2Creation, part 2Word PDF
3Genesis 3-11Fall Flood NationsWord PDF
4Genesis 12-15Abraham 1Word PDF
5Genesis 16-22Abraham 2Word PDF
6Genesis 23-35Isaac and JacobWord PDF
7Genesis 36-50Joseph and JudahWord PDF
8ANE Background StudiesWord PDF
9Exodus 1-4Moses' BackstoryWord PDF
10Exodus 5-18God Redeems IsraelWord PDF
11Exodus 19-24God Cuts CovenantWord PDF
12Exodus 25-34Rebellion in the CampWord PDF
13Exodus 35-40God Indwells the TabernacleWord PDF
14Leviticus 1-7, 23-27RitualWord PDF
15Leviticus 8-10, 21-22PriesthoodWord PDF
16Leviticus 11-15 Ceremonial PurityWord PDF
17Leviticus 18-20Moral PurityWord PDF
18Leviticus 16-17Day of AtonementWord PDF
19Numbers 1-10Preparing to Leave SinaiWord PDF
20Numbers 11-14Israel Grumbles in the WildernessWord PDF
21Numbers 15-21 Moses Strikes the RockWord PDF
22Numbers 22-25Balaam Blesses IsraelWord PDF
23ANE ParallelsWord PDF
24Deuteronomy 1-3, 31-34Form and StructureWord PDF
25Deuteronomy 4-11Listen and LoveWord PDF
26Deuteronomy 5:17-21Ten Commandments - Love PeopleWord PDF
27Deuteronomy 5:1-16Ten Commandments - Love GodWord PDF
28Deuteronomy 27-30Listen and Love and LiveWord PDF
29P29 Deuteronomy 12-26King Priest ProphetWord PDF

The Torah videos from The Bible Project provide great overviews for each book in of the Pentateuch. There are 7 videos in the series since Genesis and Exodus both have a part 1 and part 2. Here are links with a suggestion of when to watch in conjunction with Interpreting the Pentateuch.

Watch Genesis part 1 before, during, or after Lesson 1: Genesis 1 Creation part 1.

Watch Genesis part 2 before we start with the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12.

Watch Exodus 1 before, during, or after the first lesson in Exodus.

Watch Exodus 2 before we start with the covenant on Mt. Sinai in Exodus 19.

Watch Leviticus before, during, or after the first lesson on Leviticus.

Watch Numbers before, during, or after the first lesson on Numbers.

Watch Deuteronomy before, during, or after the first lesson on Deuteronomy.