Isaiah 49:1-50:3 The Second Servant Song

In Isaiah 49:1-50:30, Isaiah begins the final section in the Book of the Servant with the second of four servant songs. God’s servant is a select arrow, hidden in the Lord’s quiver, to be aimed, drawn and released at the appropriate time, not only to restore Israel, but as a light for the nations that God’s salvation might reach to the ends of the earth.

Isaiah 48:1-22 Israel Delivered

In Isaiah 48:1-22, Isaiah completes his description of Babylon’s fall and Israel’s deliverance. God perseveres in faithfulness to his chosen people, but a dark chord is struck in the joyful song of rescue. A great deliverance from the external oppressor Babylon does not solve the internal problem of the human heart.

Isaiah 47:1-15 Babylon Conquered

In Isaiah 47:1-15, Isaiah looks ahead to the fulfillment of the Cyrus prophecy with the fall of Babylon. Isaiah’s vision looks beyond the specific, historic fall of Babylon to a spiritual reality that runs through human history from the tower of Babel in Genesis 11 to John’s depiction in Revelation 18.

Isaiah 46:1-13 God’s Plan for Obstinate Israel 2

In Isaiah 46:1-13, Isaiah concludes his description of Israel’s obstinacy in regard to God’s plan to use Cyrus. But first we continue our consideration of how Isaiah 45 influenced Paul’s letter to the Romans in regard to the three themes of questioning God’s plan, the righteousness of God, and the salvation of all Israel.

Isaiah 43:22-44:23 Forgiveness of Sins

In Isaiah 43:22-44:23, we address the second half of our second major section in the Book of the Servant – the Redemption of Israel. The people of God need spiritual redemption from their own sin nature. Only God can meet our deepest needs. Pagan idol-gods, both ancient and modern, are empty fictions of our own design.

Isaiah 42:18-43:21 Release from Bondage

In Isaiah 42:18-43:21, we address the first half of our second major section in the Book of the Servant – the Redemption of Israel. Israel is going to need national redemption from exile in Babylon. God is going to do this. God’s people are to give witness.

Summer Break

I’ve had an intense run of teaching, starting in June, that has forced me to make a pause in the Isaiah series. I will start up again sometime in August.

Isaiah 41:21-42:17 Consolation of the Gentiles

In Isaiah 41:21-42:17, Isaiah offers consolation for the Gentiles by exposing the idol-gods of the nations, prophesying God’s remedy in a future servant, and responding with a new song. Isaiah’s description of an ideal servant in 42:1-4 constitutes our first of four servant songs in the Book of the Servant.