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Acts 1-28Structure ChartPPt PDF
Acts 1-28Structure Charts Part I - VIPPt PDF
Acts 1-28Structure Chart ExplanationPPt PDF
Acts 1-28All Lessons complete transcriptWord PDF
1Acts 1:1-11The Commission of Jesus ChristWord PDF
2Acts 1:12-26The Replacement of the Twelfth ApostleWord PDF
3Acts 2:1-21Pentecost and the Holy SpiritWord PDF
4Acts 2:22-47Pentecost and Witness to Jesus ChristWord PDF
5Acts 3A Sign of Healing and Witness to Jesus ChristWord PDF
6Acts 4:1-31External Threat from the Jerusalem EstablishmentWord PDF
7Acts 4:32-5:16Internal Threat of HypocrisyWord PDF
8Acts 5:17-6:7Further External and Internal ConflictWord PDF
9Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60Stephen's Arrest and DeathWord PDF
10Acts 7:1-53Stephen's SpeechWord PDF
11Acts 8:1-24The Samarian AwakeningWord PDF
12Acts 8:25-40Inclusion of an Ethiopian EunuchWord PDF
13Acts 9:1-31The Persecutor Transformed Into AmbassadorWord PDF
14Acts 9.32-43 Gospel witness through signs and charityWord PDF
15Acts 10.1-48 Culture, Covenant and the Inclusion of GentilesWord PDF
16Acts 11.1-18 Cornelius’ Household and Speaking in TonguesWord PDF
17Acts 11:19-30 The Healthy Christian Community at AntiochWord PDF
18Acts 12:1-24The Power of God, the Power of Man, and AngelsWord PDF
19Acts 12:25-13:12The Holy Spirit Initiates Gospel Mission to GentilesWord PDF
20Acts 13:13-52Paul's Speech in the Synagogue of Promise and FulfillmentWord PDF
21Acts 14:1-28Paul's Strategy - Iconium to Derbe and Back AgainWord PDF
22Acts 15:1-21The Jerusalem Council - 1st QuestionWord PDF
23Acts 15:22-16:5The Jerusalem Council - 2nd QuestionWord PDF
24Acts 16:6-40The Holy Spirit and the Powers of DarknessWord PDF
25Acts 17:1-34Gentile Philosophy, Politics and ReligionWord PDF
26Acts 18:1-28Jesus Christ and the New People of GodWord PDF
27Acts 19:1-20The Holy Spirit and the Name of JesusWord PDF
28Acts 19:21-41The Defense of Paul and the Riot in EphesusWord PDF
29Acts 20:1-21:16Defense by Miracle, Message, and ProphecyWord PDF
30Acts 21:17-23:11The Gospel's Respect for ConscienceWord PDF
31Acts 23:12-24:27The Gospel's Attitude to Morality and LawWord PDF
32Acts 25:1-26:32The Gospel's Message to the WorldWord PDF
33Acts 27:1-28:6God's Sovereignty Over the JourneyWord PDF
34Acts 28:7-31The Kingdom of GodWord PDF